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January 16, 2012

Back to the vet with Lacey today. Poor thing has such terrible allergies and skin issues. My daughter-in-law found her wandering the streets over a year ago and we’ve been trying to give her some quality of life ever since. She lives with me now and is just starting to get along with the rest of my rescues (9 cats/3 dogs). She is on steroids but still breaking out. She has red raw patches all over her tummy now. What to do, what to do….  she’s so sweet and beautiful, dont want to put her down.


Old Mouse Pad Makeover

January 13, 2012

The old kitten mouse pad had seen better days so time for a next to nothing make over. 

First choose a fabric. I cut out a square a little bigger than the mousepad out of this old vintage curtain I found on one of my past treasure hunts at the thrift store.

I sprayed the front of the old mousepad with adhesive spray….seriously love this stuff.

Smooth fabric over the mouse pad…bye-bye kitties….

This fabric unravels easily so I glue gunned the fabric to the sides and added trim for extra protection against it coming apart.

 I think with a tighter cotton print you could get away with just a little anti-fray and cut it flush with the pad and not bother with trim. Simple!!!!

Meet O’Malley

January 13, 2012

O’Malley is a 19-20 year old cat that I rescued from the streets in California about 2 years ago. He is blind and was struggling to survive on a busy street that coyotes were oftened spotted. My guess is that his owner died and the family tossed him out on the street. I can’t believe he survived even a day, but he did. He is the sweetest thing. This is my favorite picture of him. He is cuddling Tucker, another rescue who came to me from a woman who found him as a tiny kitten on her doorstep with a broken leg. O’Malley would reach out and grab the orphaned  kittens when they came up to investigate him and then hold them down and give them a good cleaning. They all loved him as you can see. Tucker healed up fine and was adopted out to a wonderful loving family. My old O’malley is slowing down daily though, having trouble getting around  some days. I dread the day that is his last. I adore this boy.

A Bloggin’ at last

January 13, 2012
  • It’s about time I sat down and figured out the blogging world. I’m a crafter, pet lover & rescuer, soon to be grandma, & Pinterest addict. I was a working single mom for many and have recently retired and moved to Arizona. I love to chitchat and share my world. I also love reading other blogs and figure I may as well join the club.